SkyShot and The Power of Color

When SkyShot Productions talks about color, we mean color and business success. True, there are many important variables that make up the success of a business. However, the power of color tends to have a first and final say-so in winning audience attention. Therefore, making the power of color a most powerful variable in the success of any business.

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Color and Emotion

It is no secret that color influences emotion. Its true, we may have our own individual favorite colors. However, in the mind of a shopper. When it comes to building an instant profile in your mind of any certain person, place or thing; marketers want to compel you to buy their product or service.

Power of Color Groups

Indeed, as you may or may not know, there is meaning to color. Something to keep in mind when deciding on the colors of your business logos, interior, and exterior design. Including, but not limited to, stationary, signage, and graphics. There are three groups of colors we will talk about: Cool, Warm, Neutral.

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Cool Colors

As we know, cool colors create calming effects. Its important to keep in mind that on their own these colors might come across as impersonal. We may use other colors in combination to create more depth of emotion. Therefore, creating a deeper imprint in the mind of your audience.

Warm Colors

Behold, energetic infusion. Although, warm colors can feel overpowering when used by themselves. Combining colors in a balanced manner is clearly the way to go. And again, this will create more depth of emotion for your viewer.

Neutral Colors

None-the-less, as important as cooling or warming effects. Neutral Colors bring balance to color compilations. As backgrounds, these colors are perfect to use.

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